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It's Prank time!!

One time or continuous. Need fake pro websites with active users, facebook pages with tons of likes, instagram/twitter people talking about your victim? You're in the right place!

Get your Prank done

We will create everything you need. Fake websites, calls from strangers, thounsands of fake likes/followers etc. Sky is the limit! Together, we will make the best Prank ever!

Free Consulting!

Got no idea yet? No problem! Just tell us about your potential victim and we will figure out the best option together! Also don't forget to check "popular scenarios" below.

Professional Approach

You think your idea sounds silly? Or maybe you are too young? Or something else? We simple dont care! Our approach to you will always be professional. We will help you at every stage and listen to you! We believe that every idea is valuble.

Satisfaction&Privacy Guaranteed!

After seeing how easily you manage your own pranks, you will be absolutely satisfied! And no worries, we will never reveal your identity (unless you want to!).

We'll never spam or give this address away



Creating simple Iphone/Andriod apps dedicated to your victim, the topic can be anything!

Animation Videos

Don’t you want to see your victim’s face in a funny animation? totally dedicated to him/her? Well it’s all about that!

Prank Video HD

We can record any prank you want for you, sky is the limit!

Prank sites!

Tell us what you want and we will create the best prank site ever!

Hot tagging anything!

Choose the tags and relax, we will make them hot tags!

Instagram replies

Bombarding your victim with replies to his/her pics, you name the # of the bombarding people!

Our team and some fun facts


Jelly the Prankster



Joanna B.

The Designer


Danny G.

The C0dEr


Dr X

The Alien

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FAQ&Contact Form

How much does the service cost?

Yeah we get that a lot, no judgements! We totally understand why. The thing is, each and every prank case is unique. Our base price is $29, for the rest, sky is the limit! Joking aside, It depends totally on what you want, when you want it and specificity of the things you want. But hey, don't despair! At least asking is free! Just send us what you got in mind and we will gladly evaluate your request and get back to you with the price.

Do you serve in the languages other than English?

we can give the same service in any language on earth! Just drop your request below and we will reply ASAP.

What about privacy?

We absolutely respect your privacy and guarantee you that we will never either share your contact information with 3rd parties or mention the prank you did under any circumsantes! That's why we do not publish any of the pranks on our website. If you would like, we will erase all the remainings of the prank (fake sites, profiles etc) immediatelly (please also see the disclaimer section).

Nice that you respect privacy, but I want the story of my awesome Prank, I dont want it to die away you know

So good! We can get your commemorative done via explainer videos, for which we work with other professionals, please mention it in your message as well.